Eat all you want.

Steak House Grill do Brasil - Meat reastaurant in the center of Kiev

Our signature recipe - meat, salt , fire and many Brazilian real passion! In Grill do Brasil, we use quality meat and cook exclusively on charcoal . On large skewers strung variety deli meats : lamb leg , Alkatra and beeping (veal ) , a traditional kebab Alkatry , parmesan pork , veal and pork ribs, homemade sausage , juicy chicken legs and chicken hearts , chicken breast wrapped in bacon . Gaucho chefs expertly grill each type of meat , slowly rotating skewers , keeping the juiciness of each piece . Be sure to offer you our Gaucho pineapple, vegetables and garlic bread , they also cooked on the grill .

floating fish days you can enjoy an abundance of fish , which is also preparing to open fire .